Belle's COVID-19 Response & Protocol

In-Home Foot
& Nail Care In-Home Foot
& Nail Care

Protect your feet with nail trimming & massage brought right to you.
No traveling. No wait rooms.

Foot Care For:

Diabetics Neuropathy
Vision-impaired Older Adults
Renal Disease Vascular Disease

& Pamper Protect
& Pamper

Sit back & relax. Our service
is meant to be enjoyed.
Belle is covered by insurance

By Insurance

Highest Standards of Infection Prevention

As always, Belle is dedicated to the highest standards of hygiene and safety as we care for our members. Here are just a few protocols we follow:
Belle Technicians are trained in aseptic and clean protocols
Hands are thoroughly washed before and after every service
Disposable gloves and other protective equipment is used
Equipment & supplies are 100% disposable and never reused (even the nail clipper!)
Disinfectant alcohol wipes are used to clean feet
At Belle, we recognize that proper foot care is essential for maintaining health and mobility. We set high standards for ourselves so we best protect our members. That’s why, in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Belle is implementing enhanced precautions. Here are just a few:
  • Belle Technicians have been required to self-quarantine for 2 weeks before serving members
  • Belle Technicians are following federal guidelines on COVID-19, including continued social distancing
  • Sick leave is strictly enforced; all staff are required to report any presence of COVID-19 symptoms immediately
  • Cars and phones are disinfected between appointments
  • Our team is monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak daily

Smart Care You
Can Enjoy

Check out our belles and whistles
Care that pampers. We combine clinical best practices with quality comfort, and bring it right to your home. Health tracking. Every visit, we digitally track your foot health with reports and images, which can be shared with your doctor. Podiatrist oversight. Belle Podiatrists can telemedically review your appointment for even more advice Connects with your doctor. If needed, we can keep your doctor in the loop so everyone stays connected, seamlessly.
Belle is covered by insurance

Critical Care For

Nearly a million Americans suffer from foot ulcers, infections, and amputations every year. Belle protects your feet and mobility by providing in-home advanced foot care.
Diabetics Neuropathy
Vision-impaired Older Adults
Renal Disease Vascular Disease

Our Service

Book your in-home foot care appointment by calling 855-232-7888. Our service is designed to optimize and track foot & nail health.

Therapeutic Foot Care

  • Foot review & tracking
  • Exfoliation
  • Foot cleanse
  • Nail trim & file
  • Moisturizer
  • Massage
  • Optional polish
Now Serving Palm Beach County, FL
"My grandmother would have lost her foot. Belle is the reason for saving her mobility."
— Granddaughter of a Belle Member

The Belle Difference

Belle isn't your everyday appointment. Here's why:


Nail and foot care neglect can lead to serious medical complications

Save Time

In a rush? Turn a 2 hour travel and wait room headache into a 40 minute breeze


Sit back & relax. Our service is meant to be enjoyed.


We use 100% disposable equipment that is never reused


Strong, healthy feet make our clients feel good inside & out

Covered By Insurance

Your health plan wants your feet to be happy and healthy

Who We Serve


We love serving members who want to enjoy in-home foot care.


We refer our members to physicians when needed and help facilitate seamless, thoughtful care.

Health Plans

We work with thoughtful health plans who understand the value of preventive and engaging care.
We provide customized reporting to our community and medical partners on the
health of their clients' feet and nails


Belle Technicians are screened, trained and licensed.


Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM
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